Ickle Pickles celebrates 14th anniversary and launches fundraising pledge

Ickle Pickles celebrates 14th anniversary and launches fundraising pledge

The Ickle Pickles Pledge commits vital funds to our Pledge Partners


We are launching the Ickle Pickles Pledge, a new fundraising pledge, based on neonatal unit category to celebrate our 14th anniversary on 20 May 2023.

Under the pledge, we commit to working with neonatal units, raising funds to buy equipment to treat babies needing intensive and special care.

We will also work in partnership with neonatal transport services. Together, we commit to fundraise for equipment used to transport premature or sick babies across the neonatal network.

Throughout this year we aim to expand our pledge partnerships across the country. Ten neonatal units and three transport services are already pledge partners and we are encouraging all potential neonatal partners to get in touch.

Our initial 13 pledge partners are:

Two Level 3 Neonatal Intensive Care Units for complex care:

Five Level 2 Local Neonatal Units for high dependency care:

Three Level 1 Special Care Baby Units for initial and short-term care:     

We will also raise and donate funds towards the London Neonatal Transport Service, the Embrace Transport Service in Yorkshire and the Southampton and Oxfordshire Transport Service for premature or sick babies.

In tandem with this, we will provide gifts for families and babies on specific dates throughout the year in partnership with Cuski, the world leader for baby bonding comforters, neonatal nests, positioning aids and incubator covers. To celebrate the many achievements over the last 14 years, Cuski donates an amount from sales of family-centred care products that support the purchase of intensive care equipment.

Cuski founder Suzy Cannizzo comments: “A partnership with Ickle Pickles allows us to champion our shared purpose of giving tiny babies the best start in life. At Cuski, we are delighted to have this privileged opportunity to join forces with Ickle Pickles at this exciting time, helping sick and premature babies all over the country.”

Throughout the last 14 years, we have supported the improvement of neonatal care in the NHS. We are proud to have donated over 700 pieces of equipment to over 40 hospitals and three neonatal transport services.

Ickle Pickles’ co-founder Rachael Marsh said: “There are over 90,000 babies born prematurely or sick every year in the UK. When we had our son prematurely 15 years ago, many of the items that we regularly donate now, were not even available. Since establishing the charity in 2009, we have raised over £3 million for intensive and special care equipment.”

Morag Taylor puts into words what our donations meant to her and her family: “The support we received from Ickle Pickles whilst our premature twins were in Kings College Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit was invaluable. From using the feeding chairs to hold and feed our children for eight months, to the giant fluffy comforters that comforted the kids when we could not hold them or be with them. They thought of things we needed that we didn't know existed and we are forever grateful.”

Like Morag, every parent deserves the assurance that their baby will receive the highest quality care. We want to do everything we can to support hospitals and families to give every newborn a chance of survival. The Ickle Pickles Pledge allows hospitals to become our pledge partner and underscores our commitment to donating vital funds where they will make the greatest impact.

​​We would be delighted to partner with you to fundraise for your neonatal unit. Contact us today to discuss how we can work together: [email protected]

Become a Pledge Partner and make a big difference to small babies. 


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