St Richard's Hospital

St Richard's Hospital | Spitalfield Ln, Chichester PO19 6SE | West Sussex

We started working with the unit at St Richard's in 2014 and have purchased items such as Respiration Monitors, Saturation Monitors, a Resuscitaire, Phototherapy Lights and Reclining Chairs.

Current Appeals:

Milk Warmers - the team would like to have a Milk Warmer for each cot space so they can be used for the individual baby in the space during their stay. This will minimalize cross contamination and also reduce the risks of breast milk being given to the wrong patient. It will also aid the nursing team to ensure all feeds are given on time as needed by the babies.

Breast Pumps - the second Appeal is for 4 Symphony Breast pumps and stands. These will help mums to express breast milk at the cotside. It will also reduce the risk of cross contamination; it will speed up expressing for mums as they will not be waiting for a pump and allow mums more time with their baby.

The progress of the Appeals are shown below and photos of the equipment can be seen on the right.

Current Appeal

Milk Warmers x1

£189.00 £1,001.00

Current Appeal

Breast Pumps x6

£0.00 £13,272.00
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