Fundraising Policy


What do we do with your donations?


Every penny donated for the purpose of a specific Neo Natal Unit, piece of kit or initiative goes towards funding the good causes we support and we often top up those donations from our own resources and fundraising activities to ensure there is meaningful amount available.

We have regular contact with and provide support to over 30 NNUs and transport services around the country but are happy to work with you to support any NNU.

We completely understand the desire of parents to want to raise funds to support the Unit that looked after their own Ickle Pickle and we use every effort to ensure that desire is fulfilled.  In some circumstances we have found that the relevant Unit doesn’t need support at that time or, despite frequent contact and follow up, we haven’t received any indication of how the Unit would like the funds to be used.  Where that happens, we utilise the donations for a similar cause or a different Unit in as close a proximity as possible.

Those funds are never used by us to cover our own costs.


So how do we pay our bills?


Like all organisations, we have our own overheads to meet.  We do this through a combination of our own fundraising activities which aren’t for a specific purpose, sales of merchandise, general donations and we also use the Gift Aid component from fundraising activities. 


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