Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Queen Elizabeth Hospital | Stadium Road, London, SE18 4QH | Woolwich

Our fundraising relationship with the unit in Woolwich began in 2018 and we continue to support the team there to increase the equipment they need.

The team are very active at fundraising and hold some great Bake Sales and Raffles with us onsite.

Current Appeal:

The team have request a Bilisoft blanket to help treat babies with jaundice instead of an overhead phototherapy unit as it allows babies to have cuddles or breastfeed whilst being treated. 

Approx 100 babies per year will benefit from this blanket once it is in use.

Number of Cots: 16

Babies treated per annum: Up to 170

Level 2 Unit: Deliveries usually at 28 weeks gestation and above considered to be medium risk

Matron/ Sister: Julia Croft

Join us every other Wednesday for a cuppa and a chat at the neonatal unit of Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Everyone is welcome.

Please email [email protected] to confirm dates and times.

Ickle Pickles Fundraising Contact: Julie Voong


Current Appeal

Bilisoft Phototherapy Blanket

£5,657.00 £10,294.00
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