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Tunbridge Wells Hospital | Tonbridge Rd, Pembury, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Tunbridge Wells TN2 4QJ, UK | London

We developed a relationship with Pembury in the very first years of the charity being established and purchased them some Chairs for Kangaroo care cuddles. However, due to staff changes and various factors our involvement with them seemed to pause until 2022 when a new member of our team (a prem Mum), took on a fundraising challenge for them which helped us re-ignite our relationship and gain us presence on the unit once again. 

Current Appeals:

Vapotherm Transfer Unit (VTU) will allow doctors and nurses to transfer babies from the delivery suite to the neonatal unit without compromising their breathing giving the additional support that the baby needs. The VTU can also be used across many care areas and for babies needing transfer between cot spaces within the neonatal unit and for treatment or investigations in other areas of the hospital.

Milk Warmers - we have just purchased x1 Milk Warmer but the unit have a requirement for another 2.

These will enable the team to warm milk to the right temperature for each individual baby just before each feed. This can be done from the fridge or the freezer.

The progress of the Appeals are shown below and photographs of the equipment can be seen on the right.

Please help us achieve our targets by donating today. 

Number of Cots: 18

Babies treated per annum: Up to 550

Level 2 Unit: Deliveries usually at 28 weeks gestation and above considered to be medium risk

Matron: Lou Mair

Ickle Pickles Fundraising Contact: Gina Glover

Get in touch with Gina today via email at:  [email protected]

Current Appeal


£1,246.00 £5,800.00

Current Appeal

Milk Warmer x2

£0.00 £1,246.00
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