Weighing Scales

Weighing Scales

Kings College Hospital

We are delighted to have presented 10 sets of Digital Weighing Scales to the team at Kings College Hospital to assist with the weighing of vunerable infants discharged from hospital who require ongoing weight checks.

COVID has reduced and stretched community services and regular weighing often requires families to travel to community centers or they are told their babies cannot be easily or conveniently weighed.

To support families, reducing addditonal parental stress related to COVID and winter infections resulting from travel and repeated visits to clinics and hosptial, the team requested we purchase these Scales for them.
This approach facilitates infants staying safe and protected at home with their families who can undertake virtual clinics. Having an accurate and current weight information allows clinicians to assess, review and make appropriate plans of care.

The two main groups of infants who will benefit are:

1) infants discharged home requiring oxygen or cardiac disease (or both).

2) infants who's weight and feeding need monitoring for a short period of time immediately post discharge

At discharge families will be issued a set of scales, a letter advising the need to return (they will be required to sign). The neonatal teams will clean and recycle them upon return according to the Trust infection control prolicy.


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