Lifestart Resuscitaire donated to St George's Hospital
Lifestart Resuscitaire donated to St George's Hospital

Lifestart Resuscitaire donated to St George's Hospital

Thanks to your help this equipment will help future mums and babies.


The Neonatal team at St George's Hospital Delivery Suite formally received a new Lifestart Resuscitaire last week. The LifeStart™ allows the equipment used to stabilise a baby after birth to be brought right up to where the baby is delivered.

For premature babies or babies who have a difficult birth, there is often a rush to ensure that oxygen delivery and temperature stabilisation start as soon as possible. 

So far, this meant early separation from the placenta. But with the LifeStart™, stabilisation and important placental transfusion can both be delivered. Also, it is close to mother and partner, allowing for better communication during those first few stressful post birth moments.

Nigel Kennea, Consultant Neonatologist at St George’s Hospital, explains: “This equipment is simple in concept - the baby can be managed whilst still attached to the umbilical cord which we know improves their stability. Families love close and direct involvement in the care of their baby right from the moment of birth.”

Ickle Pickles was set up following the early birth of Ickle Pickles’ founder Rachael’s son Charlie at 28 weeks in 2008. “Charlie inspired us to show our gratitude and today, Ickle Pickles allows parents and carers to give back for the amazing care premature and sick babies receive across the country.”

Rachael recalls that when Charlie was born, she wasn’t able to hold him for three days until his condition stabilised. The LifeStart™ that Ickle Pickles has now donated was not available in 2008 but has huge benefits for health and bonding.

Charlotte Huddy, Consultant Neonatologist said: “Huge thank you to Ickle Pickles for providing us with this Lifestart Resuscitaire – it’s a great benefit to the babies we look after, as well as their families.”

This donation was only made possible thanks to your support and will help mums and babies going forward.

Give back and make a donation now.

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