Dublin Marathon 2022

Dublin Marathon 2022

Runners raise over £1200 for St Helier and Epsom Hospitals


Gerry, Senior Sister and Ward Manager for the Special Care Baby Unit at Epsom General Hospital, and her friend Massah have completed the Dublin Marathon for Ickle Pickles in 2022. Together, they have raised over £1200 for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at St Helier and Epsom Hospitals. 

The funds raised will go towards two essential reclining chairs for new parents to have those special first cuddles with their premature or sick babies. These chairs help with bonding and provide comfort to both babies and parents during a very stressful time in hospital. 

Gerry is already signed up for her next challenge and will run the 2023 Hampton Court Half Marathon for Ickle Pickles. This time, she is raising funds for her hard-working neonatal staff and NICU parents. They need a new staff sofa, a new microwave, tables and some comfy chairs for the parent's room. These basic yet small comforts will make such a big difference to parents and staff.

Help Gerry to meet her goal and donate.

We are extremely grateful for any donation we receive and support the neonatal unit you choose. Find out more.

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