Vote for Ickle Pickles!

Vote for Ickle Pickles!

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Shop with My Favourite Voucher Codes and help premature babies by voting for Ickle Pickles in their May Charity poll. Ickle Pickles is thrilled to be selected as one of the four nominated charities in My Favourite Voucher Code’s monthly poll.

By taking a moment to cast your vote, you can directly help to give every newborn a chance whilst saving some money. 

Please vote for Ickle Pickles this May in the charity poll. Click here and select Ickle Pickles in the panel on the right-hand side to cast your vote.

Equipping Neonatal Units: A Lifeline for Fragile Lives

Ickle Pickles understands the immense impact that well-equipped neonatal units can have on vulnerable newborns. Therefore, a core focus of their work is fundraising to purchase essential, life-saving equipment for neonatal units. This equipment can range from:

  • Incubators: These temperature-controlled environments provide a safe haven for premature babies, mimicking the warmth and protection of the womb.
  • Specialized Monitors: These sophisticated devices continuously track vital signs like heart rate, breathing, and blood oxygen levels, allowing for immediate intervention if needed.
  • Breathing Machines: For babies struggling to breathe independently, ventilators or continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines provide crucial respiratory support.
  • Phototherapy Lamps: These lamps emit ultraviolet light used to treat jaundice, a common condition in newborns.

Beyond these essential pieces of equipment, Ickle Pickles also supports the acquisition of specialized feeding tubes, developmental aids and other critical tools that directly impact the health and well-being of premature and sick babies.

Empowering Neonatal Staff: The Unsung Heroes

Ickle Pickles recognizes that the dedication and expertise of Neonatal nurses and specialists are equally vital in the fight for each Ickle Pickle's life. The charity goes beyond simply providing equipment by supporting initiatives that empower families and healthcare professionals. This involves:

  • Proactively fundraising for neonatal units. This is powered by the Ickle Pickles Pledge which is a joint commitment between the charity and a neonatal unit to raise and donate an agreed amount each year for the intensive and special care equipment that this unit most urgently needs.
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing Support. Working in such a demanding environment can take its toll. Ickle Pickles recognizes the importance of supporting the mental health and well-being of those dedicated to caring for premature and sick babies and offers peer-to-peer support.

By empowering parents and neonatal staff, Ickle Pickles ensures that neonatal units have the resources and support they need to deliver the best possible care for each precious life entrusted to them.

Why Your Vote for Ickle Pickles Matters

Every penny makes a difference. Your vote in our May charity poll signifies your support for Ickle Pickles' crucial work.

You can also:

Giving Back While You Save: A Win-Win Proposition

This May, by voting for Ickle Pickles in My Favourite Voucher Codes’ charity poll, you can make a real difference in the lives of these little fighters and their families. Every vote counts!

Ready to Vote?

Head over to our dedicated charity poll page at to learn more about all the nominated charities and cast your vote for Ickle Pickles! Together, we can show these precious babies just how much we care.

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