World Prematurity Month Partnership with Basking Babies
World Prematurity Month Partnership with Basking Babies
World Prematurity Month Partnership with Basking Babies

World Prematurity Month Partnership with Basking Babies

Baby massage classes raise awareness of prematurity in November

Shared Purpose Partnership

Ickle Pickles is excited to launch a new partnership with Basking Babies to raise vital funding towards life-saving equipment for neonatal units around the country.

Babies born prematurely and with serious medical conditions need a range of intensive and special care equipment to help clinical teams treat them and help them survive. Some are treated for a few days, others for several months.

Every parent wants and deserves the reassurance that their baby will receive the highest quality care. However, with NHS budgets under extreme scrutiny and pressure, the unfortunate reality is that every neonatal unit in the UK manages a list of equipment they urgently need. These lists are also managed by neonatal transport teams that use specialised ambulances and equipment to transport sick babies between hospitals.

Together with Basking Babies, Ickle Pickles is activating a campaign to make a difference for premature and sick babies. 

Basking Babies is a national franchise business offering pregnancy relaxation, baby massage, baby reflexology and baby yoga classes. They not only offer baby classes but also support and empower parents through their early parenting journey. 

If you are a new parent and are looking for a great way to bond with your baby, then find your nearest Basking Babies class to experience the magic of baby massage and baby yoga. The groups are a great chance to make new friends,  relax and learn new skills in baby massage and reflexology. 

Our partnership with Basking Babies is about raising awareness of prematurity and connecting with local communities during November, a month dedicated to raising awareness of the needs of premature babies and their families.

Basking Babies will be fundraising in style by holding a dress-up activity in their classes for a week in November. Purple is seen as the most synonymous colour of World Prematurity Day on Friday 17 November, so wearing something purple is a great way to show your support. If you do not have a purple T-shirt or jumper, go for something more subtle like a scarf, tie or hairband. Basking Baby classes will take part by asking everyone to donate £1 and wear a purple ribbon

Basking Babies’ local franchisee Tel will also run a baby massage taster session during one of Ickle Pickles’ coffee mornings at Lewisham Hospital. If your NICU baby is a non-crawler, then join a supportive group of current and former NICU parents to learn baby massage skills that can help you relax and support you in soothing and bonding with your baby. Please email [email protected] to register. 

Partnering with Ickle Pickles can open new opportunities for your business and provides a path to connect with other parents, networking and fostering goodwill. If you are interested in a charity partnership with Ickle Pickles to explore shared purpose fundraising, please get in touch.

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