Reclining Chair and 3 Microwaves

Reclining Chair and 3 Microwaves | IPK 715 and IPK 676 - 678

University Hospital Lewisham | Greater London

Donated on: 2022-10-12

In 2022, we donated a Reclining Chair for skin-to-skin cuddles at the cot side to aid in bonding, and calming of the baby and to increase Mum’s milk production. (12/10/22 IPK 715).

Additionally, we purchased 3 microwaves for the Parent Kitchen. These are not only used to heat up food but also for the sterilising areas for the safe sterilisation of baby bottles. (Donated on 01/03/22) 

Other pieces of equipment

Milk Warmer

Milk Warmer

2 Milk Warmers
Bought: 2022-08-09 | IP Ref №: IPK 697 and IPK 698
Recliner Chair

Recliner Chair

Tucson Recliner Chair
Bought: 2018-06-27 | IP Ref №: IPK419 - IPK422
Baby Warmer Mattress

Baby Warmer Mattress

Kanmed Baby Warmer with Water Mattress
Bought: 2022-01-14 | IP Ref №: IPK 673
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