2 Milk Warmers

2 Milk Warmers | IPK 697 and IPK 698

Princess Anne Hospital | Hampshire

Donated on: 2022-08-09

The Ickle Pickles Children’s Charity donated 2 industrial standard Milk Warmers.

These Milk Wamers are waterless and help to optimise and standardise human milk processes. They aim to maintain the integrity of human milk by warming it to temperatures consistent with expressed breastmilk and not exposing it to high heat. Milk can be heated up from three different starting temperatures: room, refrigerator or freezer temperature. Frozen milk can be thawed quickly to refrigerator temperature so it can then be portioned and used throughout the day. 

Other pieces of equipment

Baby Pod and Trolley

Baby Pod and Trolley

Baby Transport Pod and 70 Baby Nests
Bought: 2022-12-16 | IP Ref №: IPK 737
Kanmed Twin Baby Bed

Kanmed Twin Baby Bed

Kanmed Twin Baby Bed
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Joie Mimzy 360 High Chair

Joie Mimzy 360 High Chair

Joie Mimzy 360 High Chair
Bought: 2018-08-08 | IP Ref №: IPK412
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