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Raising money for Neonatal units.

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Is there an Ickle Pickle in your life?

Ickle Pickles are the smallest and sickest babies who need intensive care in Neonatal Units – Whether born too soon or with an illness the NHS cares for over 20,000 ickle pickles every year.

Advances in Neonatal medicine have realised incredible improvements in survival rates - in 1975, half of all babies born weighing less than 1.5kg (3.3 lbs) died. Compare that to today where over 90% of premature babies weighing 800g or more (equivalent to a bag of sugar) survive.

Over the same period the pressures on Neonatal care have spiralled due mainly to the expanding population of the UK and an increase in multiple births as fertility treatment has improved.

With NHS budgets being continually squeezed there is a real and tangible need for public donation and support for neonatal care.

The Ickle Pickle Partnership turns gifts and donations from generous people into specialised equipment such as incubators and ventilators to help Neonatal units provide incredible levels of care for Ickle Pickles.

Besides our own appeals, we enable parents and families to run their own localised appeals for the specific Neonatal unit that helped their ickle pickle – together we can make a big difference.

Shakespeare in the Garden

Lots of people enjoy a relaxed evening watching A Midsummer Nights Dream in a beautiful setting.
Shakespeare in the Garden

Ickle Pickles Family Funday

We had a lovely day at the Funday - thank you to everyone who attended.
Family Fun Day
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