12 Nursing Pillows, 4 Baby Nests and 4 Milk Warming Machines

12 Nursing Pillows, 4 Baby Nests and 4 Milk Warming Machines | IPK000

Worthing Hospital | West Sussex

Donated on: 2022-03-30

We began working with Worthing in 2022 and are so delighted to be helping them fundraise and build great relationships with the team.

To date, we have donated 12 Nursing Pillows to help mothers position their baby to facilitate breast and bottle feeding correctly. (Donated on 30/03/22)

We have also donated 4 Baby Nests to provide each baby with the security of boundaries that are created naturally within the mother's womb and this helps to keep them snug and secure. This enhances their sleep pattern sooner. For the first 3 months, if a baby is sleeping it means the baby is growing!

As a number of the babies on this neonatal unit are bottle-fed, it is important that milk is warmed quickly and safely in a Milk Warming machine. We are delighted to have donated 4 of these to help staff and parents with the process of milk warming. (Donated on 14/10/22)

Other pieces of equipment

Sound Ears and Floor Sitter

Sound Ears and Floor Sitter

5 Sound Ears and 2 floor sitters
Bought: 2022-05-25 | IP Ref №: IPK 684 - 688 and IPK 693 and IPK 702
Twin Cot

Twin Cot

Twin Cot
Bought: 2022-05-13 | IP Ref №: IPK 692
Recliner Chair

Recliner Chair

Tucson Recliner Chair
Bought: 2018-06-27 | IP Ref №: IPK419 - IPK422
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