104 Bertie Positioners and 2 Measuring Mats

104 Bertie Positioners and 2 Measuring Mats | IPK000

King's College Hospital | Greater London

Donated on: 2022-01-06

The Ickle Pickles Children’s Charity donated 104 Bertie Positioners to support the neurodevelopment of preterm babies. Each is made from soft brushed cotton and filled with special Polyethylene PE beads that enable the Bertie to be moulded around the baby’s body and therefore better mimic an infant’s position in the womb.

A small but important addition was the donation of 2 Measuring Mats to help the clinical teams to measure the height/ length of their babies in order to keep a record of their progress. (Donated on 31/01/22)

We are also assisting King's College Hospital with their unit refurbishment. Find out more about this current appeal.

Other pieces of equipment

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Bertie Positioning Aid

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