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St Helier Hospital

Our relationship with St.Helier hospital started in 2022 with an Ignition grant for 11 breast pumps and carry bags to enable mums to express their milk at home.

We have a fantastic working relationship with the nursing team and as a result of some fundraising events and challenges undertaken by parents, families and even members of the nursing staff, we have also purchased a reclining chair for kangaroo care cuddles.

We are very excited to be working with the wonderful Neonatal team at St.Helier hospital and would encourage anyone interested in raising funds through us for the Neonatal unit to get in touch and discuss how you can get involved - the feeling of having made a tangible difference is simply incredible and very rewarding!

They have requested 2 Reclining Chairs to enable parents to have essential skin to skin time with their baby at the cotside to help with bonding, well being and milk production.

The progress of the Appeal is shown below.

Level 2 unit: Deliveries usually at 28 weeks gestation and above considered to be medium risk

Number of cots: 18

Babies treated per annum: Up to 350

Main contact: Fiona Herbert

Join us once a month at St Helier Hospital for a cuppa and a chat at St Helier Hospital.

Led by Neonatal Services Coordinator Fiona Herbert, we coordinate dates to support current NICU parents of Epsom and St Helier Hospital each month.

Please register your interest by emailing [email protected]

Ickle Pickles fundraising contact: Julie Voong 



Current Appeal

Reclining Chairs

£1,971.00 £3,258.00

Current Appeal

Miniboo Comforters

£0.00 £800.00
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