Philips Monitors

Philips Monitors

Whipps Cross University Hospital | Whipps Cross Rd, Leytonstone, London E11 1NR | London

The Neonatal Unit at Whipps Cross aim to provide full intensive monitoring to their 4 bedded intensive/ High dependency area. Currently they are unable to offer what should be a readily available monitoring station. They have the ability to put together the kit from assembled pieces, but this takes time and that is not always something these tiny babies have.

This monitor provides powerful monitoring of heart rate, oxygen levels etc in a highly compact, highly transportable unit and currently the unit at Whipps Cross don't have these for their High Dependency cots.

Appeal current status

£14,371.00 £40,000.00

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£ 0.00 / £ 6,830.00
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