Maquet Ventilator

Maquet Ventilator

St. George’s hospital, Tooting | Blackshaw Rd, London SW17 0QT | Greater London

The team at St George's have requested a new Maquet device for their unit. These new items have proved very successful to date - they are able to deliver ventilation, non invasive ventilation, CPAP and high flow all from one device. This makes them very efficient, avoids equipment changes for the baby and saves space. 

 They also adjust support levels precisely according to the baby's diaphragm movement (NAVA- neurally adjusted ventilatory assist)- this is novel technology and they are the first neonatal unit in the UK and one of the first in Europe to use this technology extensively in pretem babies especially for non invasive ventilation. NAVA also offers the advantage of greater comfort, less sedation needed and higher extubation success rates. 

Appeal current status

£73.00 £30,000.00

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