Helicopter equipment for air transfers

Helicopter equipment for air transfers

Southampton & Oxford Neonatal Transfer Service | Princess Anne Hospital, Coxford Road, Southampton, Hampshire, SO16 5YA | Hampshire

The SONeT team have a pressing need for equipment to support thei  neonatal incubator for helicopter transfers of their sickest babies. This includes:

  • Adaptors to connect to their existing nitric machine to allow it to be  used with the air incubator (£1,420 and £1,050 - one for each part of the system)
  • Pump mounts to allow the team to transport more infusion pumps (for continuous infusion of medications) - £6,150

These items cost more than they would for road transfers due to the additional testing that is required, and because they are for a specialist piece of equipment (there are only 3 in England of this design).

The SONeT team currently share a set of these adaptors and pump mount with another team but would really like to have their own so that it can be set up ready for immediate use.

They have also requested more Restraints (seat belts), for the babies during transfers.

Appeal current status

£3,000.00 £10,000.00

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