Winchester Hospital | Romsey Rd, Winchester SO22 5DG | Hampshire

The BiliCocoon® Nest system is more adapted for preterm babies. It consists of a large pad allowing wrapping and is adapted for kangaroo care and incubators.

The Nest system allows easy access to the newborn's jaundice without compromising the relationship between the mother and her baby.

Appeal current status

£1,649.00 £4,500.00

Other Appeals

Tickets for the Incubator ball

Bilisoft Phototherapy Blanket


£ 1,563.00 / £ 5,147.00
Tickets for the Incubator ball

Ongoing Fundraising

Greater London

£ 246.00 / £ 5,000.00
Tickets for the Incubator ball

Privacy Screens

West Sussex

£ 0.00 / £ 1,000.00
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