Transport Incubator

Transport Incubator

King's College Hospital | Denmark Hill, London, SE5 9RS | Greater London

The unit at Kings College Hospital have requested a Transport Incubator to help transfer sick and premature babies from the Delivery Suite into the Neonatal Unit.

When babies are born early or poorly they need to be stablised as quickly as possible into a womb like envionment where their body temperature is maintained and they are safe from infection. This Incubator will be customised specifically for the needs of these babies, hence the large price tag whch includes a high tech ventilator.

Appeal current status

£42,174.00 £60,000.00

Other Appeals

Tickets for the Incubator ball

Baby Pod and Trolley


£ 3,500.00 / £ 13,010.00
Tickets for the Incubator ball

Digital Monitoring System


£ 17,293.00 / £ 25,000.00
Tickets for the Incubator ball

Kangaroo care chairs

Greater London

£ 1,401.00 / £ 3,000.00
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