Transilluminators - Vein Finders

Transilluminators - Vein Finders

Whipps Cross University Hospital | Whipps Cross Rd, Leytonstone, London E11 1NR | London

The Transilluminator is also known as a vein finder.

Clinical teams routinely spend lots of time trying to locate veins or arteries in babies, so that we can give fluids or medication or monitor their blood pressure through cannulation.

They need intravenous access in every sick infant. When babies are sick, it is harder to see their veins, as they become less firm and less visible. These machines could save babies from some of the discomfort which is caused by failed attempts at cannulation. It would also reduce parental distress and worry, as clinicians would be more easily able to put the necessary lines in. The would also be able to get lines in faster with this device, which would be safer for babies in their care, who are waiting for vital fluids and medication.

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