Cerebral Function Monitor

Cerebral Function Monitor

Princess Anne Hospital | Coxford Rd, Southampton SO16 5YA | Hampshire

In NICU, a cerebral function monitor (CFM) is a vital bedside Neuromonitoring tool for sick newborns. It provides information regarding electrical activity of the entire brain. 

The main role of the CFM is to provide information regarding duration, intensity, site and frequency of seizures. It is very helpful in diagnosis and treatment of seizures. On an average we use CFM monitoring in 100 babies per year.

Their current system is not robust enough to provide optimal monitoring and only has basic features. This system allows both monitoring and video acquisition by the same device at a baby’s bedside.

Data acquired through this system can be accessed and remotely reviewed by the Neurophysiologist and Neurologists making it easy for neonatal clinician to optimally manage a patient collaboratively. 

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