Baby Pod and Trolley

Baby Pod and Trolley

Southampton & Oxford Neonatal Transfer Service | Princess Anne Hospital, Coxford Road, Southampton, Hampshire, SO16 5YA | Hampshire

The Southampton & Oxfordshire Neonatal Transfer team (SONeT) urgently require a BabyPod Paediatric Transporter and Trolley unit for the transfer of neonatal babies 

Transporting newborn infants requires an environment that will keep them safe and warm. It is a pod that delivers an extra-safe, high-tech infant transport device to meet the time-critical challenges and treatment requirements usually associated with critically ill babies. It provides a lighter, stronger and safer way to transport small infants and newborns.

Benefits include:

  • Easily lifted in and out of vehicles by two people
  • No electricity required, as it maintains temperature by the use of TransWarmer heat pads
  • Crash-tested to EN 1789 and CEN-compliant
  • Will fit on all models of an ambulance trolley
  • Can be used with all major ventilators
  • Completely non metallic, X-ray translucent and MRI compatible.

Appeal current status

£8,500.00 £18,000.00

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