Queen Elizabeth Hospital | Stadium Road, London, SE18 4QH | Woolwich

The clinical team at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich have requested an Accuvein device for use on their unit.

The Accuvein is a handheld device that illuminates the veins under the skin to make inserting a cannula a much easier and therrfore a less painful experience for the baby they are treating.
Veins can run deep under the surface of skin, often resulting in several attempts at inserting a needle in the hope of finding the vein. If the veins are illuminated, you can not only see the position of the vein, but also the path in which the vein travels ensuring you can insert a cannula into the straighest vein.
This will benefit all babies on the units as well as babies on the postnatal ward who need anti-biotics due to an infection risk.

Appeal current status

£850.00 £4,100.00

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