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Raising money for Neonatal units.

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The Ickle Pickle production team

The current members of the ickle pickle production team are:

Rachael Marsh
With over 15 years experience in consulting and project delivery, Rachael brings a wealth of experience to her role as Operational lead at the Ickle Pickles. As mum to Charlie, her Ickle Pickle who arrived at 28 weeks, Rachael has first-hand experience of the incredible work that Neonatal teams do every single day.

Lorraine Blackburn
Lorraine brings a wealth of management experience in Retail and Tourism to her role as fundraiser for the Ickle Pickles. Lorraine also has first-hand experience of Neonatal care as her son Owen was born at 26 weeks and was the first baby treated in the new Neonatal Unit at Queen Alexandra hospital in Portsmouth. Owen sadly passed away and it is in his memory that she now devotes her time end energies fundraising for the Ickle Pickles.

Megan Morgan
Megan has numerous years working within marketing, PR and events for both the private and public sector. Megan has been a full-time mum since the birth of her second child and is now enjoying working with the team at the Ickle Pickles.

Amanda Powell
Originally from New Zealand, Amanda came to London in 2005 and worked in Human Resources for two FTSE100 companies before going on maternity leave in 2012. Amanda is also mum to an Ickle Pickle, Eli - who was born 10 weeks early and she is proud to be associated with the Ickle Pickles.


We've got many appeals for Neonatal Units around the UK Come on – get involved!
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Want to help?

New mum? Got some time and skills to help? The Ickle Pickles needs you!
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