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Raising money for Neonatal units.

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Hey you... the Incubator Crew

We've been lucky enough to have the help of Gyro International, who have helped us develop our branding, website and the concept of the ickle pickle parade.

Throughout this site and on our marketing collateral you will see speech bubble and hand imagery with the 5 Incubator Crew characters. We use the hand imagery because touch forms such a vital bond between parent and new born child, in the first days of life in an incubator holding hands is the only contact possible. We combined this with the animal characters as most parents place toys inside an incubator to keep their child company (and just maybe to watch over them when they are not there...)

Each of the members of the incubator crew is associated with an essential element of premature baby care:

The Bird

Represents the incubator that protects Premature babies in their first weeks of life

The Owl

Represents the doctors whose knowledge and expertise means that 90% of premature babies survive their ordeal

The Panda

Represents the specialised nurses who nurture and care for ickle pickles in neonatal units throughout the UK.

The Kangaroo

Represents the skin to skin contact between parent and child in the first weeks – every parent relishes a kangaroo cuddle.

The Monkey

Represents the machines and monitors whose constant chatter watches over ickle pickles and alert nurses and doctors to problems


We provide ever-vigilant equipment to keep these babies alive
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